Infinite – Entrust

i love this song!

Color Coded K-Pop Lyrics

SungGyu  DongWoo  WooHyun  Hoya   SungYeol  MyungSoo  SungJong

Yeah Infinite Ah ha
Let’s go

My lonely girl My lonely girl
My lovely girl My lovely girl

Anin geol mwonga teukbyeolhan mam
([Sung/Sung] Anin geol anin geol)
Geuri sosimhage sumjimara
Anin geol neoui susuhan mam
([Sung/Sung] Anin geol matneun geol)
Gyesok jikyeobogo isseonneunde

Sumgiji ant I do
Gamchujin anha I do
Ijen pihajin anha
(Gidaryeo) Ijeneun naega galteni
(Nal bwa) Ijeneun nae charyenikka
Neoman gwaenchantamyeon

Naege matgyeo ni mame nogadeulge
Matgyeo ni mame jeojeodeulge
Neul gyeote buneun barami doeeojulge
Naege matgyeojwo geuraejullae

Naege matgyeo neoreul boseokcheoreom akkyeo
Bareul matchwo georeo on sesangeul barkhyeo
Ttaeron aicheoreom datugo ssawo
Nuneul burkhigo han summan samkyeo
Ijen dalla nae misoe jamgyeo
Heeonal su eopge jigeum nae pume angyeo

Anin geol mwonga teukbyeolhan mam
([Sung/Sung] Anin geol anin geol)

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I will overthrow everything. This crazy world I will change it. All you who close your eyes over money and threats, get out. On the news, everyone’s a public enemy. Psychopaths are crazily flying all over the place. This is a war against crime I will repay you the exact same way. Tooth for a tooth, eye for an eye, remember those words. There’s no forgiveness in us (B.A.P-Badman)

KPOP Color Coded Lyrics

Although I’m sure most of you are still recovering from the epic EXO comeback, another wave is here! And it’s none other than EXO’s rivals:  B.A.P!

B.A.P went beyond the norm with this one.  The MV was filmed in Detroit  and looks almost like a movie.  Leader Bang Yong Guk had a huge hand in the lyrics, and said that he wrote this about all of the issues he hears in the news.

Color Coded Lyrics for B.A.P’sBadman“.

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Shinhwa and BAP fandoms fighting? Really?

KBreak 101

Hey guys, it’s ya girl Murckle here with some BAP vs. Shinhwa drama. Now as some of you may know there has been some drama between these two fandoms. There hasn’t been too much drama between the groups themselves since the Shinhwa Company released a press statement, trying to straighten things out. In this article it will be mostly about the fandoms, the ones who keep egging it on and trying to make a bigger deal out of it.

First of all I want to say that I’m not going to criticize either groups, even though I am a hardcore BABY. I really like both songs and the melodies are similar, but not the same. BAP has more of a rough rock/modern hip-hop demeanor to their songs and Shinhwa has more of a late 1990’s to early 2000’s hip hop feel; that being said their styles are significantly different, so…

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Bangtan Boys The New BAP Rookies.

KBreak 101

Hey y’all, it’s ya girl Murckle here with another MV review. This time it has to do with the rookie group BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys or the Korean version Bangtan Sonyeondan, the Bulletproof Boy Scouts.

I want to say to anyone that says they are going to replace BAP needs to shut the hell up and sit the fuck down. These boys are pretty different from BAP. However, I will say that I feel like BAP set the stage for them. They went just as hard as BAP and I commend them for that! I feel as if these boys will go just as far in the music industry. They have the perfect image and style of music that we as Kpop lovers like! When BAP came out it was exactly what I’ve been looking for in Kpop and I’ve wanted more ever since. I feel like BTS…

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